Tightrope vs Narrow Road

"On a Tightrope"
Today, I have many things on my mind.  However, they all converged into one ultimate concept that abruptly approached my mind like a freight train and, mentally, I found myself flattened underneath the weight of it all.  I have been walking on a tightrope attempting to balance being perfect with being human.  The question is . . . why am I on a tightrope?

A Tightrope?  Really?

In all the illustrations and accounts in the Bible, I never once recall Jesus or the disciples referring to our walk with Christ as being a tightrope walk.  Did Jesus ever express that we must pull our weight from side to side in order to not fall into the pit?  What a miserable existence!!!!  And yet, here I am with a balancing rod, a taught rope, and am positioned between where I was and where I expect to be.

The Difference

What, then, is the difference between my terrible tightrope and the narrow road that is spoken of in the New Testament?  The narrow path was attainable by God's power.  Walking on it was not easy, but the path that God puts before us doesn't shake with pressure (Matthew 7:14, ESV).  No balancing rod gives us a sense of comfort, because the God of eternal peace is by our side holding our hand.  Do you know that the tightrope wiggles and the wind blows making us feel so insecure with life being so tumultuous, but those heading to the narrow door are secure, steadfast, and have no fear!

Getting Down from the Rope

Finally, after finding myself midair, dangling precariously, I begin to ask, "how in the world do I get down?"  I have glorified my efforts and I have been putting so much time into keeping it all together that I do not know how to stop!  Life still must happen, things still must get done, but the narrow path is firm, unshakable, and a path of peace.  Let's just say I'm more than happy to exchange my tightrope for God's narrow path.  The more I rely on God and let Him lead my steps, the less my tightrope looks so thin and unstable, and the more I see that God has set me on his path and his purposes.  Less worry, more trust.  Less stress, more peace.

The Way

Therefore thus says the Lord God,
“Behold, I am the one who has laid as a foundation in Zion,
    a stone, a tested stone,
a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation:
    ‘Whoever believes will not be in haste.’  (Isaiah 28:16, ESV)
In Psalms 118:22, the writer prophesies about "the stone that the builders have rejected has become the cornerstone."  The New Testament has multiple references of Psalms, indicating that Jesus is this stone that has become the cornerstone.  Finally, in the book of Isaiah, Isaiah writes about the cornerstone, a foundation that has been laid in Zion, "a precious cornerstone", "a sure foundation", and "whoever believes will not be in haste."  Who is the narrow path?  Who is the cornerstone?  The foundation on who we should make our paths?  Jesus is the foundation, the cornerstone, even the narrow path!

"Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6).  I am not saying that I was completely away from the truth while on my little tightrope escapade, but I will say that I have not been walking and abiding in the truth.  Relying on human strength is exhausting!  Trusting in God is energizing and things just have a way of turning out the way they should.

Abandoning the Tightrope

Let's call it jumping ship, shall we?  I no longer wish to rely on me and wiggle about midair.  God's way is infinitely better and I think He can show me the "ropes".  Just had to throw that one in there.  I am going to determine steps to knock me off my tightrope and get me back on solid ground and back to that narrow path where Jesus is the Way.

My Steps

1.  Pray over my plans - I often make schedules, agendas, and to do lists to keep me organized, but I want God to be involved in my plans.  I am going to start praying before writing anything down that He guides me to what is important and down the path He has for me each day, week, and month.

2.  Identify tightrope areas - When do I tend to wobble in the wind or teeter totter with nothing but a balancing rod?  Do I need to be where I am at?  Or am I doing too much in one area?

3.  Look at my feet - We can't be prideful when we are looking at our feet.  Our head is bowed, our eyes our downcast, and well . . . feet aren't that pretty!  What I am speaking of is humility and I need plenty of it.  Realizing that all my efforts are nothing without the King of Kings and casting myself before his grace recognizing that all I want in life resides in Him.

Your Steps

If you read every word on this page and found yourself teetering at the top with me, then perhaps you have some steps to make yourself.  What will they be?  What is your next step?  Are you ready to come down?

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