Introducing Our Blog: All of My Strength

My family is a family of writers.  Whether as amateurs or with multiple degrees backing up their expertise, my family has a history with the written word.  The family history book that was passed down from generation to generation has a continuing section of poetry that tells the tale of our family from the crossing over the Atlantic from Europe before the Revolutionary War all the way into the present.  My mother, Patty, has written beautiful poetry and instructional material.  My sister, Karla, was a journalism major in college and has now published apologetics articles supporting her faith in Jesus.  Currently, she is working on her first book.  I am the younger sister and I also love to write.  I write songs, poetry, and I love to write about Interior Design, my family, and my faith.

Due to our rich history with writing and our desire to team up as a family and have a joint venture, my mother, my sister, and I have decided to write a blog together on topics that are relevant to our lives and yours.  We each will work on different sections of the blog.  My sister will write on matters of the faith, but she will also write on topics relevant to couples.  My mother will be our health and family writer.  Her knowledge  and expertise as an RN will be an invaluable resource.  I will write on matters related to the home and family.  As a military spouse, interior designer, and mother of one, I plan to share about military life, how to design the home, and share about my experiences as a parent.

Antique Family History Book
Karla Perry - Apologetic (Faith) and Couples Writer

Patty - Health and Family Writer

Brooke Shambley - Home and Family Writer

Please come along side of us as we begin our journey together as a family of writers.  We are going to enjoy sharing our lives and expertise, and we would love to have your feedback along the way!

God bless!


  1. Thank you for featuring our family tree! Best of luck with the new blog, I will look forward to reading what all of you have to say! What a great idea to team up as a family. My son is a senior in high school, and is planning to pursue a degree in writing/journalism, so I love writers!


  2. Excellent Idea! I look forward to reading it.

  3. What a nice concept :) Good luck with your new blog.


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